What Goes into a Winning Welcome Packet?

As a landlord, you want to provide incoming tenants with helpful information to make the transition into their new home or apartment as easy as possible. A welcome packet is a great way to deliver that information.

If you’re going to take the time to compile such a packet, you’ll need to know what keeps a winning welcome packet out of the recycle bin. For starters, make sure the information is organized and easy to understand.
Folders often provide better visibility and easier access than large envelopes. Consider placing official, business-related info on one side and fun, recreational info on the other.

Business-related Information

This portion of the welcome packet is purely resource material. This is your opportunity to convey to your tenant what is important about the property they are living in in a clear, accessible way.
Consider including the following:

  • Renter’s insurance information / recommended agency
  • After hours / non-emergency maintenance numbers
  • Water / electricity setup guides
  • Regional internet / cable company information
  • Trash / recycling pickup days

Use this section to answer tenants’ questions before they even think of them.

Recreational Information

This is the portion that truly separates the best from the rest. Think about the attractions and amenities in your area and go beyond simply listing them.
Consider visiting a few businesses or attractions and speaking with the owners. Let them know that you are putting together a welcome packet for your new tenants and invite them to include any promotions or coupons to bring in new patrons.
From coffee shops and dry cleaners to golf courses and fitness centers, your tenants will appreciate the recommendations.
There are many ways to make tenants feel welcome. If you’d like more ideas and tips to become the best landlord you can be, call Keyrenter San Antonio today at (210) 503-8000!